This is here.

This man’s YouTube channel is a bit mind bending....

Things you’ll find videos on at LMM:

1) MR2 Turbos

2) Restoring Vintage Tractors

3) American Muscle and Pickup Trucks from the 70's and 80's

4) Antique road rollers

5) Crushing things with antique road rollers

6) an entire series about vintage narrow-gauge industrial locomotives

7) FWD drag racing with tuned Celicas

8) Terrible Subarus

9) Repairing/Restoring vintage fire engines

10) General diesel mechanics

11) Complaining about Porsches

12) Racing go carts

13) Abandoned car/SUV/Truck rescues

14) The differences between McDonalds among the countries of the world

I subscribed because I have to respect this level of complete lack of focus.


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